June 2018 Art Boutique Ideas

Saturday, 6.30.18

The second art video for June 2018 is of the Bear Street Gallery, which is more like an art studio and boutique. You can create your own art boutique, too. You don’t have to have any artistic talent. All you really need is imagination and creativity. You don’t even really need too much money. Consider browsing at thrift stores, weekend garage sales, and even junkyards. Look for interesting items with interesting shapes and colors. Lots of old and discarded items have a lot of potential and most are in good shape. You might be able to renovate it and make it look even better, or change the item into a more useful item. Then, you can decided if you want to keep this new item or sell it and maybe start a new business of renovating and selling items. Or, you might just create an interesting art sculpture.


What do you think?


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