it sound like you

We escape from the past

Spoken was and when

I do what i expected

This came with surprised

I found you died alone

A long time

You never lost control

Your face

Goddess face

With the blue sky cloud
I calm to form the land

Years from years i gaze this despair

It worth millions

A long time ago

Who knows

Not yours

Your face

Goddess face

You never lost control

Cause i’m who tried to become you
Anywhere should i gazed this pain

Could you amazed by that?

Self-Esteem that you bought

From nowhere to somewhere

I don’t scared

What is it?

It tried different keys of bar

Thought every romantic that remains

I would lose my soul wherever i do

Only have to die
Would you like to hear my voice?

I can see..
My world formulated from deepest sound

All in all is sounded like you..


What do you think?

Written by Mhammd

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