When Does The Inspiration Come? Before, During or After Painting.

  • 3582, Interior View
  • 3583, The Heat Is On
  • 3584, Alarm
  • 3585, Evening In Motion
  • 3586, Middle East Mood

Today’s first 2 paintings are a continuation of yesterdays 2 series but I have not come up with a name for the series. They may all go into my blob series. Not a very attractive name, so I am looking for something more exotic.

I talked to an artist the other day who was running out of inspiration for things to paint. She was a water color realist. One of the nice things about what I call process painting that I do, the inspiration is never required before I just start something, never knowing where it will lead. Then occasionally I come up with an inspirational piece.


What do you think?

Written by Joel_Bowers