Love ItLove It

I am

a little flower bud

trimmed in pinkish ball gown,

minus the golden stud,

I peek my swirly crown.

Just for this promenade,

I will unfold my whorls-

poems in petals arrayed,

adorned with tiny twirls.

Blooming in tender spells,

I avoid impish trick

from wanton fairy belles,

with thorns I, too, can prick.

The world, I appreciate:

the hills, valleys and plains.

The love that they radiate

for man, it still remains.

To everyone who reads,

this little flower says,

“Do this life some good deeds

before the world decays”.


What do you think?


Written by Rich

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  1. Man and nature interact and we are part of nature, not separate to it, despite what others may think and say. Nature is not ours to do as we please with. We are just one aspect of nature. If we destroy nature, we destroy ourselves. Thank you for highlighting this.

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