My honeycomb,

Will loveliness hide her face

like night strays from the light of day

Will she hold silent her voice

As if the morning birds

would praise no more…


How can a butterfly mortify her wings,

How can an oyster lose its pearls?


You to me,

Is like a fire without the flame

Me to you,

Is like a flower without the rain…


What’s a bee without his queen

Can he ever stray too far

when his heart knows it’s bounds?


You must be the honey tree

Cos at every dawn

The more we mate

The more I’m into you…


They call me the honey bee

I must have died a 1000 times

And a 1000 times I was reborn

by your kiss of life…


Yummy honey

Are you not are my honey comb…

Copyright © 2018 Bradley M.Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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