Getting That Perfect Exposure

On July 31st, 2018, I had checked out another Canon workshop. Jared Platt gave some photography tips for making perfect exposure. It involves using lighting, meteoring, ISO, white balance, and dynamic range.

Dynamic range is the amount you capture between white and black; for example, during foggy or cloudy days, there is 0 dynamic range.

A great photograph involves highlights and shadows. Therefore, the perfect exposure is when you have all the day correct. All black and all white data is inside the latitude.

Set ambient light and add flash: Setting ambient light involves setting the background light and adding light to the person in foreground by adding flash.

The light closest to the person is the weakest light.

The strongest light is the highlight, and it should be placed behind.

HDR is automatic bracket. Choose the right HDR function on the camera. Select images and HDR merge. The more contrast in HDR, the more normal post production.

High shutter speed for shooting quick shots very close to each other. (HDR with 1 1/2 to 2 stops).


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