Getting to Know the Illusion of the Self

According to practitioners of meditation, when a certain level is reached, the “Self” or the “I” disappears in the field of consciousness. This “self”  that lives behind and between our eyeballs is an illusion. So if this is an illusion then are we  in the consciousness and where is that? When I was a teenager, I did have an experience in meditation. It was part of a martial arts program and everyone had to do meditations a few minutes everyday. I did not know what was happening to me then. I only recently what happens at those levels. I think I did reach very close to that level but did not reach enlightenment level. I still had a few thoughts but did experience the realization that  the self was not there. I was mumbling am I or who am I? So many decades ago. Might as well get to know this illusion before it fades out again.


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