Geometric in Black and Grey

This is a computer artwork by my grandniece. She used all types of triangles from equilateral, scalene and isoleces.  I liked how the shades of pink went with the black and greys.

Geometric art in Black and Greys

Computer art with triangles in shades of black, grey and pinks.  There were as mentioned above equilateral triangles, scalene triangles, and isoleses triangles.

By Ana Michelle Faust

Ana’s Garden

Ana's Garden is actually a 3D art computer drawing. This is actually a 3-D drawing but I do not think viewers will be able to use the 3D capacity on this site. I plan on writing a poem or story for this artistic work.  


A computer marker drawing by a grandniece Madison Michelle Littleton.  This drawing is mainly using  computer markers.  To me this could be a sunrise or a sunset.

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    • I am glad you did there were others by this artist but my computer was damaged by viruses and my computer was cleaned and I lost them. There was another geometric that had shades of green and grey and I think pinks as well.

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