For the partner that is always by your side .. To death!


Night Revelation

Entering a state of silence

I understand how life is upset

going through time

without soul or spirit, without Breath

Exhausted all sensations

at the end of the story there are no flashes

like when you do not have reactions

before the onslaught of the wind

It’s hard to look back when you’re in a hurry

The mind wanders, the air does not reach

trying to understand what is happening

the time stops, it is relentless without pause

I wish the seconds were hours

eternity is just one more step

Hope keeps me in time

of a watch that will not spin anymore

the sky gets darker early

a revelation is given in my mind

I try to escape in vain

the nocturnal revelation announces my death.

This writing is of my own inspiration, based on the presence of death, a person sunk in the arms of the most terrifying of the specters: Death. The only state of the flesh where we really are truly the same.

I hope you like it.

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