Can you hear my heart beat?

Can you feel each vibration?…

Pulsating nervousness,

Can you sense suspense

when I try to relay my verse?…

I wish it was a leap year

So bad I wanna leap yeah,

I stumble when I try

But then the words get in the way…

When the words get in the way

I pray that you listen,

Listen to my heart,


Love bird,

Lets put our minds at rest

Come hide away from the stress,

If only for one night

Or two or three,

Maybe endlessly

Up and away to be free

Lets go find us a nest…

Meet me at my soul

Give all of your attentiveness,


Half and half makes the whole

Your soul to my soul

My soul into your soul

The higher learning

begets 2 completes in 1 whole…

You know the passion knows no bounds

But before we fly away too far to fast

I need to be sure

I need all of your gentleness…

If wishes were dishes

I’d be asking for caviar,

Like a million zillion kisses

Lavish me with your trust

More than just lust

If between us there’s a trust

Then I’ll be your love angel…

My horizon or so it seems

Are you ready?

When you’re ready

To that place

seen only in your dreams

Closer to heaven I will take you…

Fly away love bird fly away,

Up and away,

Come fly away

with me…

Copyright © 2018 Bradley M. Tremmil 


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Written by Bradley Tremmil