Fixing Price Issue

Monday, 7.6.20

I woke up in the morning to feed Gumby. As I was discussing my graphic novel price issue on LULU chat box, the association people were at my front door because they needed to add something to the garage doors. So, I had to take out the car for a couple of minutes for an installation to the garage door. Then, I returned to my computer to discuss my the price issue. I decided to use the minimum price for my graphic novel, which is $48 and lower than the original retail price. But I understand it is because of production costs; I had used glossy paper for all 200 pages so that the artwork would look good in print. It should be set within a couple of days, but maybe longer on the internet. 

I think there are always new changes on internet sites, which is confusing. I finished around noon and ate my brunch while watching a black and white movie, Night of the Living Dead, on the indie channel. 


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