Fixing Price Issue

Monday, 7.6.20

I woke up in the morning to feed Gumby. As I was discussing my graphic novel price issue on LULU chat box, the association people were at my front door because they needed to add something to the garage doors. So, I had to take out the car for a couple of minutes for an installation to the garage door. Then, I returned to my computer to discuss my the price issue. I decided to use the minimum price for my graphic novel, which is $48 and lower than the original retail price. But I understand it is because of production costs; I had used glossy paper for all 200 pages so that the artwork would look good in print. It should be set within a couple of days, but maybe longer on the internet. 

I think there are always new changes on internet sites, which is confusing. I finished around noon and ate my brunch while watching a black and white movie, Night of the Living Dead, on the indie channel. 


What do you think?


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  1. I’ve been using Lulu for about 10 years now, and found them very responsive and totally fair and transparent. Have you used them before? $48 sounds like a high price, but I guess 200 glossy colour pages adds up! Until now I have only published paper books with them, but just a couple of weeks ago my wife published an e-book there. I know very little about that side of things, and not sure how it’s going to work out. Do you have any thoughts on that? And the best of luck with Dream Vignette 🙂

    • they have been fixing lots of glitches this week. i can’t go lower than $48 because it is part of the production costs of choosing the paper I chose for my graphic novel, which is comprised of 200 pages of artwork, my paperback feels heavy for a book because the paper is thicker than my first novel, which is just type, on regular paper, although my first novel, The Sand Dollar, has more pages. Oh, well, that is life…


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