“Delta” WIP

This is an abstract paining I am currently working on. I will post the finished piece later.

It is acrylic and gloss medium on canvas. I don’t normally title a painting until it is through, but this one struck me as a delta when I started blending the browns and an organic delta shape emerged.

It is in the process of drying at this stage, and I want to add more highlights of the aqua blue to various points. I don’t think I will add any other colors, but you never know with a painting, especially an abstract one.

My process is to just paint until it looks and feels “right”. It doesn’t have that “right” feeling or look yet. I will know it when it does.

Soon I will take a photo of my “studio”, or rather, the old desk in the garage my boyfriend lets me use for my artwork. It is very messy and unorganized in there. Just the way I like it.


What do you think?

Written by riverwild