Hey good looking

what’s for cooking?

If you don’t mind a cat with paws

Then hook it up to cook it up

Three knocks ping

I’m at your doors…

The besta you the besta me

No indecision where it gots ta go

The kitchen that is yours

your place of ‘bode I do select

This space I bet to be

most comfortable, tender and correct…

Hey miss huggable loveable snuggable

are you ready to explore?

Surrender to a tour

Girl imagine you imagine me

as undefinable, indescribable and more…

Feeding each other foods

There’d be no demands accept

exceptions to the rules

Before we tip n’ sip and chip n’ dip

I gon wash your hands

And you gon wash my hands…

Into the mood,

your hood is pretty good my cookie

And about the menu at the venue

Much depends on whether

we Cook in or Cook out,

Say good looking what’s for cooking?

We gots ta hook up to cook up…

Copyright © 2017 Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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