Checking out Vincent Van Gogh Art Gallery

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

I decided to watch this Vincent Van Gogh art video to check out his artwork. I have a poster of one of his paintings, which is of Café Terrace at Night. I also have a similar photo but modern that I bought at a grocery store for my dorm room during the eighties. 

Recently, I accidentally broke the glass when I was moving things around, and the colors look faded. But it is a graphic design drawing of a woman sitting at a coastal café, overlooking the coast, and drinking a cocktail drink by herself. She appears to be meditating, which is what I do at coffee shops and cafés. And, she dresses like me, in a similar trendy outfit, sunglasses, and cute hat. So, I related with this picture when I saw it, and felt it would be a perfect picture for my college dorm. 

Now, my pictures are mostly coastal scenes as well as my photographs enlarged at Canon Workshop event. But I think they all tend to have a similar feel and fit together in some way.

What is your art style?


What do you think?


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