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Saturday, April 11, 2020

I decided to make a video excerpt for my graphic novel, Dream Vignettes by Fifi Leigh on Windows Movie Maker 10.  I used one of the music in this program, which is Today’s Special Jam Tomorrow by Doctor Turtle. Again, it is 200 pages of my drawings with pencil, colored pencils, black ink, and and colored markers. It was a 200-page fine arts project. I also wrote the script, which involved narration in the yellow boxes and the white speech bubbles. 

Since we are in One World Lockdown, I decided to do a video excerpt for my Internet Book Promotion Tour. You can buy a copy at on My Order Page.

It is also sold on other internet sites, such as,,, and many others, but it might be more expensive.

My Book Promo Tour continues via the worldwide web…


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