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Cardston, Alberta Temple Wood Burn And Acrylic Paint Mixed Media Art

Watch this mixed media piece of the Cardston, Alberta Temple be created in just under 7 minutes!

This piece combines pyrography and acrylic paint to bring to life a unique style of original art.

The actual creation time of this one was about 12 hours. Having to first draw on all of the straight lines and then burn them in took a lot more time than the regular landscape mixed media pieces I have been doing.

This piece is for sale on my website along with many others of this style. Check them out here:

My process to make these pieces is as follows:

  1. Draw on the lines with pencil
  2. Burn in the lines my wood burning tool
  3. Paint in the spaces
  4. Burn the edges of the wood with a torch
  5. Seal the piece with a clear gloss covering

If you have any suggestions for things to paint in this style just let me know in the comments below!

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