Building a Sculpture in 2 Dimensions

These are 3 versions of a developing painting that I posted today to my www.risingrims.com web site. You can see that it is the same general image but what causes the variation in the lighting?

I work a lot with multiple exposures of mixed original painting layers and photographs.

I used one layer here which I created several months ago that was based on multiple exposures of entrances into the Stonehenge WWII full sized replica at Marysville, WA, USA. But here I have added some paint layers which give the resulting image the appearance of a stone sculpture.

These are titled:

  • 3854, Impending
  • 3855, The Gambler
  • 3856, Planet With Platter

3854, Impending

In this version, I feel like the top part of the structure could fall at any time. Hence the Impending title.

3855, The Gambler

Can you imagine an arm shaking dice here?

3856, Planet With Platter

In this view I see a head that looks like a planet and an arm that appears to be holding a platter. Hence the title.

What do you think?

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Written by Joel_Bowers

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