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Here’s another sonnet,

Hakuna matata no worry

It’s just the bee up on a fuzz

Buzzing at you like a flurry for your bonnet…


Bee ready for the weather

Any kinda whether

As the summer heat that speaks

Bee floating like a butterfly

all across the country side…


Like satellite swirl in orbit

Bee gliding over the meadow

Transmitting into frequency

listening for your calling out,

Ring-a-ring that special thing

The beating of your heart

that goes boom-room-wroom…


Beeping thru the garden

cos the fascination’s on creation

Searching for a certain spot

while the sun peaks like a sauna,

Tho the flora be the plentiful

In n’ out no doubt

it gots ta be that special pout…


Whistle-ling like a kettle see

Coffee Bee to copy thee circle-ling the runaway

Runny for the honey

Up and down the avenue

loving on your pétale…


There’s another sonnet

Gots the Bee up on it

Pretty pearl it’s you who won it,

Starring thee the prize to be

Time n chance a special place

Where there’s petal pollination

naturally it’s chemistry,

A little fuzz in the buzz

Hey there lonely girl

would you like to have a bee

way up in your bonnet…

Copyright © 2017         Bradley M. Tremmil 

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