Bastard Sonnet

A declining state – hell bent, and leant on

Those accosting seven, deadly though unseen:

Sloth, wrath, and envy, gluttonous for greed, and priding lust,

Equate sex with lust, money – greed, a hell-bent need

For internal strife which robs from empire

Life after generations, days of years of tiered building by pioneers,

Conquistadors, traders in affluence, anomaly, the culture

As high and massive as the sense all pinnacling down, down to bread-

And-circus clowns, tiresome, moneyed, shiny sex,

In decadent abundance, murderous, military excess…thence,

Combatting global tumult, we (with rich and poor

In hopeless tow, currencies debased), ready for the angry fight,

Go parasitic-bananas for the spoils’ extravaganzas, chefs, sports-stars,


Leaderless leaders forgetting public service

Pell-mell laden gyres of what are hates’ desires!


What do you think?


Written by Jonathan Finch

Years Of MembershipStory MakerContent Author


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