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Art work is beautiful !

A little home is a sweet home like a power of the magic considers as a home. In this pictures show that a little home but , seems to be a very beautiful. This is a very simple to be a drawn but some steps is a very hard in this painting as a colours selections. I will always selects bright colours in a paintings because bright colours change the looks. Its a very important for a paintings. I’m enjoyed every moment of the paintings , in this pictures little home looks like a real home , sometime some few colours like a green, dark brown does not match the images.A little home very beautiful in this pictures , like a rainbow , This little home made a mixing colourations. Everyone likes a beauty , as a naturally process. Beauty seems to be a everything , like a human beings , birds animals, flowers , many more things in the world.i hope will everybody likes my work.


What do you think?


Written by Uzmasoomro

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