I wrote this piece back in 2004 when I 1st moved to Cape town. I had some great moments there. I thought I’d just share…


Much is to be desired in the great Cape

Like the indulgence of her erotic grape

To be drunken by her wine,

it is the greatest by far

Africa’s pride,

She shines like a midnight star…


In the heart of her womb

lies a pretty bowl

Where the rhythm of her spirit

creeps into your soul…

See the hills and acres-

her plains stretch out to their borders

Only from a mountain high,

me, I saw this…


On a starry night

stargazing at the moon

stirs up a romantic flavour within,

So amazing from a hilltop

it almost tempts you to believe

you can jump up and take a flight!


Standing on a boat to sail

Never! miss the sunset at the bay

What could be better?

Only conversing with one such Abigail…


The magnificent gardens,

Like an Eden of discovery

Where waterfalls swiftly flow into a valley

orchestrating the sweetest sounds of harmony,

A oneness of nature

with the flowers- the trees- the birds- the bees

Who can miss this?

-Only the blind or those who are much too late

What could have brought me here?

-It can only be of fate

In my eyes

could it be a type of paradise?


I spent my whole life searching for a hidden treasure

Halfway across the rainbow

I stumbled on a land of splendor,

Only time will tell if I should keep it…


Copyright © 2004 Bradley M. Tremmil

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