The Secret Mastermind of Barcelona: Antonio Gaudi

Antoni Gaudí i Cornet, the most universal Spanish architect, left in heritage many works that the world admires. Seven of them are protected by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. Gaudi is also called the “saint patron” of Barcelona, or designer of modern Barcelona. 

The basic of his work is his admiration towards the nature. When he was a child, he was with poor health and so he spent long periods of time in his summer residence in a small village, spending time admiring and learning about the nature and its laws. He thought that “originality comes from returning to the origins”, and so he implemented the beauty of the nature in his later work.

One key moment in the life of young Gaudi was meeting his patron, and later on a lifelong friend, Eusebi Guell. Their collaboration helped Gaudi to design his most magnificent works, as the Park Guell, Colonia Guell, etc.

His unconventional ideas and great dedication to his works are remembered in the world through his work. Especially, by his magnum opus, La Sagrada Familia, a project that occupied him for more than 40 years of his life.

Colonia Güell

For the purpose of necessity of the industrialist Guell, the colony was built to be an industrial village in Santa Coloma de Cervelló. The amenities that the village should have would improve the life of the workers: terraced houses, theater, school, shops, gardens and a church. The church, or the crypt is left unfinished by Gaudi.

Casa Calvet

Casa Calvet is one of Gaudi's most conventional works, since it is located between very old buildings in the most elegant site of Barcelona. The Gaudi's creativity and signature are found in the small details and curves.

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