The Mystic Architecture or Ultimate Might of the God: Lord Jagannath

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In my initial post about the most worshiped God of India, Lord “Sri Jagnnath” in this Modern era. This post is for all of you to know some unsolved mystery and wonders regarding the happening around the temple and it’s mystical Architecture. Let us go through it!

The flag on atop of the temple of Jagannath flaps in the opposite direction of the wind blows. The “Neelachakra’(A Blue Wheel,The logo of Almighty ) will face you always when you steps around the temple. Where you go round the temple you will face the front of this Logo really seems unbelievable but it’s the fact and reality on ground. The Prime dome of the temple or the central and main temple does never caste it’s shadow even in a bright sunny day that even absolutely made wrong of the Scientific Theory of Law of Reflection.

No Birds fly just right over the main temple. The ‘Mhaprasad’(special dish made to the Lord during worship ) is Cooked in Seven Earthen Pots which are placed one above an another.This ‘Mahaprasad’ also known as ‘Abhada’ in Odisha,a holy state of India. The ‘Prasad’  in the Top Pot all above the six pots gets cooked and ready at first  for the daily rituals of the Temple. The Prasad (a food offers to Lord Jaganath)which is known as’ Abhada’is neither got shortage nor got any extra or surplus.

The Might Bay of Bengal is just behind adjacent to the Temple of Jagannath but it is really astonishing and wonder that when you get inside the temple, no tidal sound of this mighty ocean can be heard.


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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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