Every Hour – Sunday Service with Kanye West


I fully admit that I don’t understand the “mega-churches”. Part of me feels like there is a lot of money that changes hands. I can understand that money can be used for the power of good. Still what kind of home does the leader of the megachurch live in? I would have to believe if they have so much that they don’t have the heart to help the person on the street, and the people who are just fighting to keep their house and food on the table. Religion is confusing to me in general.

Does this song inspire you to be kinder, more honest, more generous, and a truly giving person?

I need imput.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. Do I find this song inspirational? Certainly not! I find it utterly horrifying that people can be taken over by mass hysteria in this way. Anything more off-putting in religious terms would be harder to imagine!

  2. I think you are right to be worried about mega-churches and tele-evangelists – they seem to have much more to do with making money than helping people to lead more fulfilling lives.

    We should also be very wary of anyone who claims that wealth is a sign that God approves of one’s actions and that preachers therefore have a right – maybe even a duty – to amass huge riches.

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