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A strong platform built under the leadership of Mr. Sudarsan  to save Mahanadi River of Odisha which geographically situates in Odisha of Indian Sub-continent and also flows to various adjacent States.

Due to laxity of the concerned State Government of Odisha the Glory of this Said River ‘MAHANADI (Literally it means a ‘BIG RIVER’) now stands near the brink of it’s EXTINCTION.

Mr. Sudarsan, is a well known Writer and Social Activist of the state of Odisha who is using his own initiative could able to form a strong platform to save the biggest River of Odisha.

In this Regard 2 Times this social Activist’s leaded protest and awareness also have been seen in the Capital City of India to attract the Union Govt. of India’s wish and will for the sake of this river.

Mainly people who live nearby this River Bank in various areas of CUUTACK, BHUBANESWAR AND Other adjacent Districts of Odisha were even educated by Mr. Sudarsan through his organized various camps and Meetings by which he could able to add a Huge Mass with his initiative.


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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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