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Five Amazing Facts About Architects Everyone Should Know!

Architecture is an engrossing profession, among other qualities; it requires creativity at the artist level, practical knowledge, and exceptional skills in project management. It is about creating places where people’s lives are spent. Construction envelope systems and roof structures can add value and beauty to a building’s exterior, while interior furniture and lighting can do the same. An architect’s creative sensitivity adds value and beauty to everyday spaces we live in. As they are enthusiastic about architecture and design, architects do what they do. Architects are well appreciated and brilliant. Here are five things you probably do not know about architects.

Architects are Systems

Architects are not just thinking about things, they think in terms of systems. A system is a collection of comprehensive techniques, processes, and routines developed for performing a particular activity, duty, or solving an issue. Architects know that the world does not consist of individual and disconnected things and it’s all interrelated and linked. They design the spaces between things and assist others to see what they were previously unable to see.

Architects are Educated Book Lovers

Architects are committed to learning continuously. They are extremely oriented people with a great deal of devotion to what they embark on. Whenever possible, architects can very aptly put on a show as they can always put on a perfect façade design on themselves too and if you were to press them on any of those subjects, they would find a way to manipulate the discussion skillfully into some abstract “idea” Architects are enamored by the sight of a wall concealed by the spines of books, regardless of the subject matter. In college, architect learners have to read on a variety of topics continuously, and they often buy books instead of using a library.

Architects Know Multiple Softwares

Younger generations of architects are forced to learn software programs with such varied focus as manipulation of animation, sound, and photography. Architecture learners are said to receive a “renaissance schooling” in training, and this statement is evidenced by the quantity of software they are supposed to know before they enter. Several manufacturing programs, including those for 3D printing, milling and laser cutting, are also required. 

Architects are Artists and Technologists Simultaneously!

Architects are well-established technologists, craftsmen, and artists. They are an essential part of design and construction. Projects from interior design to energy analysis all go through the architect. Architects make great strides to integrate the recent sophisticated techniques, no matter how traditional or conventional the assignment. In the built environment, architects have extensive expertise. They are at the heart of property, growth, concrete, and plumbing. 

Architects Give Significance to World

To tackle domestic problems, the Earth, our continents and nations need architects. Our government requires architects, our towns need architects and our suburbs in particular. Architects may only be engaged in a tiny amount of projects, but just think of locations where individuals were happiest, felt most at home, felt a feeling of purpose and achievement, feeling comfortable with themselves and their environment, if cautious considerations were made, one discovers that an architect was more than probably engaged.

There is a need for architects because they can put everything together quite beautifully. Architects fix what is broken and repair which has been devastated. Architects keep in mind the requirements, desires, ambitions of everybody, their thoughts, and ideas throughout the process of design and incorporate it into structures. We must give a big shout out to all the architects out there who put in extra hours to create places that bring serenity in our life and eyes!

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Written by Amna Malik


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