Wildlife crossings stop roadkill. Why aren't there more?


Not far from where I live the state, along with private funding is creating an overpass in hopes that less animal and vehicle collisions will happen. The cost is very high. The experts here are unsure of how successful this venture will be.  

There was one in the area many years ago and on the animal camera, the only animal they ever saw crossing on it was a mountain lion.(There has never been a mountain lion and car collision is the area.) Other animals avoided it. 

In an order to make in more attractive and natural for the game they plan on make it forest like. There are some concerns that the weight of the overpass and heavy snow will cause it to collapse.  While officials were quick to retract the information that was released, we had seen it, worried about it and wanted answers. No answers have been provided.

Safety for both humans and animals is key, and the question is do we have the right answer?


What do you think?


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