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U S Air Force veteran reunites with his dog after a 22 days of separation

Larry Peteet who served our nation as a member of the U S Air Force, suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was involved in an auto accident last month while he was in the company of his Labrador Retriever named Sandy Girl who is his service dog that is given to our military service men and women as their cushion to assist them when they suffer from depression and stress.

Larry was asked by a Pasco County Fire Department member where he could have Sandy Girl spent the time since Larry was not coming home until he would heal from the injuries in a local hospital.

Larry told the first responder to take his dog to a neighbor who would be the caretaker of his dog. The catch was that the neighbor had to leave his home to attend an event in California.

The neighbor left Sandy Girl at a local park who has a Black Labrador Retriever which looking back, it was a bad decision since the neighbor could have left Sandy Girl to a local animal shelter.

Could you imagine the agony on the part of Larry learning that his best friend may have disappeared for good?

Larry then took action to contact the animal shelters in his community. The search for Sandy Girl came up empty.

Then Jamie Katz who is a pet detective was hired to locate Sandy Girl. Then a stroke of good luck came when a local television station in the Land O’ Lakes Florida region reported the story of a lost Yellow Labrador Retriever was seen on the streets.

The man whose name was not mentioned, took care of Sandy Girl when he contacted the pet detective when he saw her abandoned.

Larry was contacted 22 days after the disappearance of Sandy Girl. Larry then went to the place where he reunited with his pet dog who comforts her owner when he feels sad.

Larry learned his lesson to someone who can take care of his pet while he has to deal with his illnesses in the near future like having an animal shelter take care of his pet.


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Written by Deepizzaguy

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    • I did overlook that detail since Larry had the dog chipped which made it easier for the pet detective used to find the dog and reunite her with Larry once again.

  1. Poor Larry and poor Sandy Girl. I understand the despair that Larry must have felt when he learned that his sweet Sandy was basically left by herself. I also understand why Larry wanted his girl back because he needs her support and her company. Great inspiring true story. Thank you for presenting it here on Virily.