The Plight of the Burrowing Owl

It was a fight where I lived. One side said that cutting the timber would cause the burrowing owl to become   extinct. The other side said clear cutting was not the problem. The war raged on.  There were letters going back and forth to congress. One company shipped a truck load of toilet paper and asked representatives where they thought paper cam from.  It was bitter. The timber industry went bust and then a few years later there research came out.

The burrowing owls were actually using the clear cuts to raise their young. They were thriving. The people who worked in the mills were really around to celebrate. They had moved on to find other work and ways to feed their family.

It is not just the fault of one person or one side. Sometimes people get very passionate before they get properly informed.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


  1. Thanks for the write up about the Burrowing Owl. What a beautiful bird! I don’t know a lot about it, I suppose you live in America. Our equivalent to an Owl or Eagle is the MorePork or Ruru for the Owl and a Harrier Hawk, or Kahu. We have another type of falcon I don’t know much about.
    300 years ago, New Zealand had the biggest Eagle of the world, the Haast Eagle in the South Island with a wingspan of 14 feet. Its extinct and was before the arrival of the white man.
    The legend of this Eagle is that it even ate Maori children.