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What Sort Of Veterinary Care Do Guinea Pigs Need?

Hello there. We all know that the Guinea pigs are one of the most popular small pets, and they are particular favorites with children. But, do you know what sort of veterinary care do they really need? Part of researching and preparing for Guinea pig ownership means finding out what type of veterinary care and maintenance such pets need, in terms of both routine care and potential problems.

Guinea Pigs Do Not Have Vaccinations

There are no standard vaccinations for Guinea pigs to protect them against transmissible illnesses and health conditions. But the fact that your pet does not need vaccinations, doesn't mean that you should forgo taking them along to the vet for an annual health check. An annual health check is important in order to allow your vet to keep of your Guinea pig’s health, wellness and condition.

When To Go To The Vet?

It is important to register your Guinea pig with a vet and take them along for annual health checks, and also to know when your Guinea pig needs to see a vet. You need to check vet if your guinea pig:

  • has severe diarrhea, or diarrhea has continued for more than 24 hours.
  • any type of fits, seizures or unconsciousness needs a veterinary visit.
  • refuses to eat for any length of time.
  • breathing noisily or appears to be having problems breathing.
  • losing weight and condition quickly.
  • developing lumps, bumps or any other unusual areas on their bodies.


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