Someone's Cat Visited Me…

Friday, 6.4.21

After the movie, I walked back home in sunny but windy weather. The UTC area looked busy with people eating lunch or hanging out together. As I approached my townhouse, I noticed a cat walk toward my townhouse, and it sat in the bushes, meowing to me, like it was trying to talk to me. I gave it some of Gumby’s dry food and a bowl of water. It ate all the dry food, but it didn’t drink any water. It didn’t look homeless because it was wearing a new collar with a tag. But I still felt sorry for it. I hope this cat is OK and safe. After a while, I walked out to notice the food was finished and the cat was gone. I wonder whose cat it is. I hope the people keep this poor cat inside. 

I think I made a new four-legged friend in the neighborhood.


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