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A Smart City’s Street Turned Roaming way of Cows: Faridabad.

The Deputy Commissioner of District, Faridabad looks not at all worried into these snaps taken from the busy streets of Faridabad (A Declared Smart City in India),part of the NCR region of the National Capital of India. As the snap provider (Sandeep Narula) is a key member of Faridabad Action Group who reported of taking these live pics in the morning around 10 AM in the recent Past.

These cows are not stray animals but half domestic and half domesticated  but people after collecting their required milks let them away to roam with Liberty in the street of this declared Smart City. Now any kind of harm to especially cows in India can take you to behind the bars.Even cow may be declared as the National Animal of India in the future course of time by the BJP government within it’s term of 5 years of reign.So being a sensitive animal speciecows are needed to put in a safe and secured place which already have designed by the Union Government of India.

But it is also dangerous to let these cows roam in the streets due to expected accidents and other unavoidable situations in regard to Traffic Hazards. The Concerned Official and authority, DC-Faridabad who can able to keep these animals away from the road only by circulating a strict Circular. A official Government Circular to take some of these animals those are domesticated and to take to govt. made shelters those are stray animals.

Laxity prevails over Duty and responsibility underestimated and undermined feeling unnecessary is the result of this awkward Traffic Problems.


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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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