My Interest in Hybrids

In my post I mentioned that I went to a zoo for the first time and I saw a “Ligger”. This was a hybrid, cross between a lion and a tiger. I was fascinated and wanted to know more. My mom put in different terms that were concrete for me, like breeding our stock. Still in the back of my mind I wondered a lot about the reason behind Shasta the Ligger.

So when I stumbled across an item on the internet I was kind of interested in checking them all out. There are some interesting hybrids. Some of them even crossbred in nature with man’s help. Let’s begin with one of those.

The Coywolf is something that happened without direct human contact. Many believe it was caused because humans took over habits and species mated with other species because there were no choices to propagate the species.

This is another example that can be found in nature. There were reports of this species of bear as early as 1964. While the bears enjoy very different habitats some live in the same coastal areas.

They have also been bred this was in captivity.

Doesn’t everyone want a zebroid. You have to pay a pretty penny, as this doesn’t happen in the wild and science only creates one. These hybrids are most often sterile.You have to admit they would get a second look even if they were in a zoo.

It makes for some interesting conversations, don’t you think?


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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