My Alarm Clock Today

Most of you know that  don’t have alarm clocks. I don’t need them. This morning around 2:00 am I was wakened by a natural alarm clock. It is not a sound I am unfamiliar with and yet I find it uncomfortable every time I hear it. It’s the scream that lets me know we are really just visitors in a world that animals  rule.

This morning the lion was very close. There is a drought and the cat was probably here because of the water. It’s still very dark outside and I looked and caught a glimpse, but I am not going to put myself in the path of a mountain lion.

My husband sat up, said “Don’t take the garbage to the road until it gets light.” He then just rolled over and went to sleep. I find it a little more exciting than he does. I am not scared, I am in the house. We may loose some livestock, but they were here first. I won’t be out walking at first light. I will give the cat time to find a tree or wander to someplace cool for the day. It is good to have a healthy respect of any animal in the wild.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


  1. Great post. I think I would like to live in a nature surrounded area. Although I have seen my share of deer, raccoons and the occasional brown and black bear (in the big city outskirts) I have never seen or heard any big and wild cat whether it be lynx or cougar. Great video. Thank you for sharing.