Life with Gumby D’Arcy

1st day of September 2018

Last night, Gumby kept reminding me that he’s out of dry food. This afternoon, I decided to drop by at PetsMart. I noticed that there were some homeless cats and dogs looking for homes. I wished I could take them all but I am not sure which one I could take if I am able to take one more. I don’t know if Gumby would mind. I bought a bag of Wellness dry food as well as some Greenies. I decided to also get him a new id tag with leopard print design, although he is indoors and he already has a microchip. I engraved my address, phone number and gmail on the back of it. It is mostly for emergencies. While at Petsmart, I was informed that they don’t use the Petsmart Pets Perks card. I actually made sure it was in my purse so that I could use it but I guess now they have a new program based on shopping points and credits. They now just use the person’s phone number.

Here is a snapshot of Gumby with his new trendy and fashionable leopard-print id tag. He is lounging on my bed. I wrote his full name, Gumby D’Arcy, on the front side, while I have my contact information on the back. It is his fashion must-have for Fall Fashions 2018.

Here is a snapshot of pillow cats I saw at the mall. They are funny because they remind me of Gumby.

These graphic drawings of the same cat remind me of Gumby when he is playful.

This mug I have is for smoothies and coffee drinks. I bought it from TJ Maxx because the cat reminded me of Gumby, as well as I needed a big mug for smoothies, icy drinks, and coffee drinks.

It is interesting to browse inside pet stores, but it is also depressing to see homeless animals who need good homes somewhere.


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