Late Pets Communicate with their Mourning Human

While on Facebook, browsing and skimming comments and posts as I scroll down the page, I noticed an interesting posts about signs from deceased pets. After clicking on it, I realized that it is an advertisement for someone’s book, which also looks interesting, but I don’t want to buy any book. So, I decide to go to YouTube to search for videos about the subject. I found three videos from the same woman who writes books about the subject.

#2 10 Signs from Late Pets

  1. You see a rainbow in the sky. (I haven't seen a rainbow in a long time).
  2. Feathers (I do find feathers everywhere, all the time). 
  3. Hearing certain radio and TV songs. (This happens to me all the time)
  4. Orbs in photographs.
  5. Hearing certain sounds. (I have felt that before).
  6. Finding coins. (I find coins everywhere).
  7. Finding or seeing heart-shaped items. (I find that everywhere, as well).
  8. Dreams (I have seen deceased people and pets in dreams).
  9. Something sliding by in your view quickly. (I think I have felt that but I am not sure).
  10. You might feel their energy around you. (I am not sure about this one).


What do you think?


    • I had a dream where i saw my three late shihtzus playing in nature in China somewhere, and there was a chinese man with them, with long hair and a bun on his head. he was like watching over them when they play. it is interesting that they were in China in the dream because shihtzus are chinese dogs, even though they were born in Virginia, but raised in California.