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The incredible story of Eliot

Eliot disappeared during a hunting session around mid-January. His master who lives on the side of Lake Ganguise in the Aude, sought for a fortnight, on the scene of his death not far from Villefranche-de-Lauragais, without being able to find it.

In early February, Sarah, a member of a Facebook group, reports a stray dog in Saint-Paul-Cap-de-Joux. This dog has the particularity of having at his stroke, a big yellow collar and a big bell. It was a Beagle hound, 8 years old. Elodie, a resident of Saint-Germain-des-Près, near Puylaurens, who created the association “The refuge of the heart, who retrieves stray dogs and cats to find a host family, offered his help. “I volunteered, but the dog was not at all approaching. I managed to recover almost all the phone numbers noted on his collar. So we decided to have three volunteers, Sarah, Sébastien and myself, to share the numbers to quickly find the owner “says Elodie.

In search of Eliot

The owner, happy to know his dog alive, will come three times, without being able to see his dog, a great mop. Elodie decides to create a group on Facebook, “In search of Eliot”, so that locals can help locate it. Eliot was seen in Blan, Saix, Saint Paul Cap de Joux, Guitalens, Puylaurens, Saint Avit, Dourgne, difficult to follow. Going to walk these dogs, Dourgne, Elodie will surprise Eliot, in a way, Saint Avit. She will warn the volunteers, so that they help him to surround him from a distance, without frightening him, as well as the owner. But, once again Eliot the cunning, will escape. After a stalking of more than fifteen days, the owner will manage to catch his dog, thanks to a person, who contacted Elodie, to tell him that this dog rascal, was in front of his house.

A beautiful story, a wonderful moment and a great relief to know it now safe, with his family and friends on all fours.

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