Have You Seen So Many Snakes In One Place?Only For The Bravest!

Snakes are known to be scary and send chills down our spine. To some they are terrific, to some they are magnificent. But what happens when you see lots of snakes in one place? This sounds outrageous. However, it really happens. As you can see below.


What are these snakes doing?

Lots of snake males and females gather in one place in order to mate. A snake breeding ball happens when there are many males competing over a single (or a few) females.  Wrestling each other for the opportunity to mate, a breeding ball can be a spectacular sight. These reptiles mate by wrapping their tails around each other and  it looks like they are making knots. Females typically mate two times a year. They will usually mate in spring, right after hibernation period ends in colder climates.

Some types of snake females develop the eggs inside of the female body, but in the end they give birth to live young.  These types of snakes generally live in colder climates where it would be hard for eggs to stay warm during incubation.The others, just lay the eggs and wait fro them to hatch. Most snake species, around 70% of them reproduce by laying eggs, and 30% give birth to live young, like rattlesnakes, vipers, boas and most of the sea snake species.


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Written by Kristina


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