Facts about Cats #1

Cats are perhaps the most valued pets than man’s best friend, dog. There are myriad of reasons why they are the most preferred pets. One of them is that cats are the most behaved animals.

Nevertheless, cats are not only kept as pets but as watch keepers or predators to ensure they deal with rodents such as rats, and other smaller animals which are nuisance to humans.

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The following are interesting facts about cats which might either make you become fonder of them or not to distaste them if you’re not a cat lover.

  1. A group of adult cats is called clowders while a group of kittens is called kindles.
  2. Cats do not meow at other cats. They meow at humans.
  3. An average cat weighs 12 pounds. However, there is a cat which entered the world’s record as the heaviest, weighing 47 pounds while another broke the world’s record as the lightest, weighing 8 pounds.
  4. Despite the fact a cat is a very small animal compared to man, its heart beat rate is nearly twice to that of a human, 140 times a minute.
  5. It is not all cats that have eyelashes.
  6. Cats spend more time sleeping than involved in any activity, especially those kept indoors. They sleep an average of 16 hours a day.
  7. It was an offense to kill a cat during Ancient Egypt. The penalty for such an offense was death.
  8. Kittens eyes’ color change as they grow but when they’re born, their eyes are blue.
  9. Cats are affectionate of bringing dead animals at the doorstep, doormat or inside the house. The reason for this is because they are glad to present to you a gift. Consider it as a gift of generosity when you find a dead rat at the front of your house. A kind of appreciation.
  10. Americans are known to be fond of cats than any other nationality. This is attested by the fact they spend more on cat food than baby food.


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