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Dogs in Heaven

Back in February I lost my basset-dachshund Fred.  Fred was my first dog Leelee’s son.   I adopted both dogs later in life.  I got Leelee when she was seven years old.  She was 14 when she went over rainbow bridge.  I got Fred a little over two years ago.  I only had him for a year and 11 months before he went over rainbow bridge.

My son got me these two dogs because they looked enough like Leelee and Fred to remind me of them.  But, they don’t look too much like them that they make me cry when I look at them.  They sit in my front yard, letting me know that Fred and Leelee are always with me.

Not a day goes by that I do not think of these two sweet shelter dogs that made my life a little better because they were in it.  I am blessed and grateful to have been owned by these two dachshund.

I am blessed also in that fact that I have Fred’s little buddy Bella to help me get through.

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