Do You Know What Ailurophobia Is?

It has been said that people can be afraid of almost anything. The fact that “ailurophobia” is a word that even exists proves the point. Have you ever heard of this phobia? Do you know what ailurophobia is?

The ‘phobia’ part is easy. That is a fear, usually irrational, and the word phobia is Greek in origin. The interesting part is ‘ailuro’, which is also Greek.

If the pictures that are with haven’t given you a good clue about the word, ailuro means cat. Ailurophobia is the fear of cats. After looking into this at greater length, apparently, there are quite a few people who are afraid of cats, too. It seems that many people who claim to be allergic to cats actually have ailurophobia.

I won’t ever put down someone who is actually afraid of something. We all have our fears. It is simply difficult for me to fully grasp someone being afraid of cats. Mind you, if I came face to face with a cougar, lion, tiger, jaguar, or leopard, I’ll admit that I’d feel some fear until the situation was resolved. However, that fear wouldn’t be because I was face to face with a cat. Rather it would be because it was an adept and major predator that I was facing.

Do you have ailurophobia? Do you personally know of anyone who does?


What do you think?


Written by Rex Trulove

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  1. I’m not afraid of cats..but, frankly, I do not like them too much.They can be cute..But, too, they can scratch you for a second. Dogs are different. But, of course, I have nothing against those who think differently and they care about them.

    • Disliking an animal isn’t the same as fearing them and I’ve known of a number of people who disliked cats. For that matter, I’ve known quite a few people who dislike dogs, too. We just love them both. :))

  2. I had never heard of this one although I am allergic to cats, I have one, my beautiful Runt or Runty Dumpty as I like to call him. I used to suffer from arachnophobia but not so much anymore in my old age. But one phobia I still have to a major degree is acrophobia. Heck I cannot even climb a small stool. But otherwise I am mentally and physically healthy….

    • Heights didn’t bother me in my youth, but they do in my oldth. (Okay, so I make up words sometimes. If there is a youth, why not an oldth?) Being legitimately allergic to cats, I can understand. I know a few people who really are and do the sneezy, runny eyes sort of thing. I even know a person who is allergic to dust. But I don’t personally know of anyone who is afraid of cats.


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