Crocodile became the food of Python molurus

In Florida’s luminous areas Python have started eating crocodiles, rabbits, foxes and other animals. due to which animal race is ending. Experts have warned the rapidly changing situation for the environment.

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Experts believe that a tourist or local person demonstrated unnecessary leave  the pair of python unknowingly in this tropical area. which is the best place to grow for python’s. That is why the first time in 1970, seeing the python’s appeared first, and now spreading across the region, and now their number has been increased in a careful measure around 100000.

Python,s in Florida’s dormitory area are from Burmese breeds,whose length is up to seven meters and weighs 113 kg. Which easily swallow up to four feet long crocodiles. Wildlife experts say that these the number of small animals in the small quantity has also remained very low.

Experts believe that the python’s are now spreading in other areas, therefore, if they are not controlled then this deserted area will be deserted. The Wildlife Institute has seized 1100 python’s  under an expedition.While implementing various steps has been initiated to prevent further growth of python’s.


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