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A lion, a goat and a bundle of betel leaves have to be taken across a river. The boat is small, so only can go at one time. If the lion stays back with the goat, the lion will eat up the goat, If the goat stays back with the betel leaves, the goat will eat up the betel leaves. How can all three be taken across the river safely?

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  1. Here is the answer;

    ==>First of all, cross with the goat alone to the other side of the river and leave the lion with the bundle of betel together.

    ==>Come back and take the lion and cross to the other side of the river, and bring back the goat

    ==> Take the bundle of betel and cross to the other side of the river and drop it with the lion, while leaving the goat behind

    ==> Come back and cross with the goat to the other side.

    Now, you have successfully crossed with the three without any problem.

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