Some Stylish Secrets To Look Better Than Other Dudes!!!

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Today gentlemen I’m going through some style secrets to look better than other dudes.

Secret number one is perfect your length. What I mean by this the length of your clothing is going to be the difference between you look and put together poppin improper and homeless most gays don’t pay attention to the length of their items down length what does this means well it incorporates a lot of things pan life not to long not to short just right. If you’re wearing a shirt untucked it needs to be the appropriate length which is mid crotch.

Secret number two is get the rise right bang rise crotch gentlemen there is a fine line between proper rise and mom jeans.

Secret number three eliminate wet pits damn you sweet rings I hate them I’m telling you when I see a guy and he is got nasty sweat rings it drives me absolutely nuts automatically you think they smelled even if they don’t and for me it was a confidence thing when ever I knew that I had them I don’t want to take my jacked off I don’t want to learn I was always super paranoid. Who hasn’t been there you are dressed to kill smooth sexy stylin and profilin and bang. How do you fix it an undershirt well if you don’t sweat much that might work the only solution I found it today the (Thompson T). The Thompson TV only 100% surefire way to make sure that you eliminate sweat rings why well it’s pretty simple and ingenious.

Secret tip number four pay attention to you feet if I have said it once I have said it a thousand times your feet not just the shoes but every thing down there is incredibly important to going to set you apart from everybody else why because most dudes don’t wear style of shoes if they wear style of shoes they are probably all scuffed and dirty. Gentlemen spend the time the money polish those bad boys if they have got laces make sure they are change and looking short. When you’re wearing socks make sure they are fresh to death.

Secret tip number five  where color don’t be afraid to step out side of the color paletee box. Everybody knows that you are looking incredible in white black gray light blue but I’m talking about pastels colors lighter shades pinks reds greens oh my goodness style step above the rest and last but certainly not least.

Style secret number six  to look better than other dudes learn to take care of your clothing. Ask somebody who does grandma maybe I don’t know or a dude that knows the appropriate way separate sorts lights darks colors what need to be dry clean what need to be laundered and pressed. I want to make sure that you are taking care of the clothes because you need to keep them looking amazing you buy them they look flawless but then after you get a hold of them they tend to look rough the conclusion gentlemen you me we are not the smartest tools in the shed we know this that’s okay we are probably not the best looking either or the fastest or the smartest but if you implement my these style tips you are going to look better than other dudes.


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