Book Review: A Dog’s Blog, by Ginny Stone

A Dog’s Blog: Excerpts from the Life of …. Zed (the most adorable Basset Hound in the world) & Skunk (the flying punk) (Amazon Digital Services LLC; ASIN: B005C1QYNE) is a delightful collection of blog posts by the intrepid Basset Hound Zed, no doubt egged (boned?) on by his erstwhile Knight-at-Paws Skunk “the flying punk dog”, and recorded verbatim by their human interpreter, Ginny Stone, the fizzysissy’s (Physicist’s) wife and boon (not bone, this time round, sorry Zed!) companion. First appearing in instalments in the local community newspaper, the Springs Advertiser, almost a decade ago, and eliciting a firm following for all concerned, the text is preceded by a warm-hearted and appreciative Foreword by the past editor of the rag, Cathy Grosvenor. For anyone who loves dogs, but primarily for those who are young at heart, if not in limb, these fifty-four blog posts are both insightful and hilariously funny in parts, though the odd tragedy (such as when Slayer “our beautiful furball kitty … got eaten by car”) is portrayed in gentle and endearing form. (If you don’t want to become too sad, or let your children become so, I’d suggest you read the last part of the book apart from the kids at first, and then maybe only to them when they’re old enough (read it to see what I mean!).)

Putting the above proviso aside for the moment, for anyone who wishes to inculcate some dog sense into children from a relatively young age, this work is a must, as, apart from being extremely entertaining in terms of the adventures that the Stone-Alpha (with the ‘Alpha’ referring to the dominant male and head of the house–at least that’s what the aforesaid fizzysissy has deluded himself into believing…) ménage gets up to afresh in each new posting, there is also an awful lot of earthly (earthy?) wisdom and sage advice deposited in countless places along the way (no pooper scooper required here). No matter how raucous and topsy-turvy the Ssaz household might grow at times, with papers and toys strewn all over the house and garden (necessitating a huge scurry of cleaning up when the local SPCA inspector calls to approve their home for yet another feline acquisition), what lies at the heart of this wonderful work is love and sound ethics (in great big, galumphing doses).

If you’ve ever had a dog (or cat), or are wondering whether to acquire one (though it often is THEM choosing to acquire US), do yourself and your entire family a favour and read A Dog’s Blog first – it really should be compulsory reading.


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Written by Lois Henderson

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