Australia’s 1400 kilograms and 6 feet high-Unique bull

Sydney: There is a unique bull in Australia that weighs 1400 kilograms and height 6 feet, which is being declared as Australia’s biggest bull. This unique bull is not only high in weight than ordinary animals but is unique due to its height and it has been named Knikerz.

The Bull owner Jeff Peterson had tried auction of this bull in last month, However, the buyers refused to buy it, they said that this bull is very powerful due to its weight and height and they can not control it.

After the refusal of meat seller, this bull now lives in a livestock located in the city of Mia lap, in south 136 km from Perth city. Knikerz’ holstein friesian’ is a bull of race but this is very big from ordinary animals of their own generation. Holstein Association officials in the United States says, Production records of bulls of this generation says that an average Holstein cow is 4 feet 10 inches high to shoulder and its weighs is 1500 ponds. to the Holstein Association, the bulls are usually slaughtered at 15 months of age. When they are between 1300 to 1400 pounds, it is less likely that the bulls get older than 7 years.

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