With his age, the repertoire increases

You can imagine that you own your own garden, but I do not mind betting that there is a pretty confident redhead who sees the situation quite differently!

By the time we get to February, our garden birds begin to establish their breeding grounds and our most well-known gardening bird, the slave certainly knows how to protect his own.

Bold and colorful male slaves, early in the spring, testosterone is loaded through his veins. He uses his red breasts as a badge of authority, and all other male slaves who have to ignore that symbol, dare too close, will encounter his anger.

Besides using his red breasts to maintain his power, the male slave spends his free time to proclaim his property in his garden. He sings with the greatest passion early in the morning shortly before the sun rises when eating is usually the least productive and his tunes travel further into the calm air of dawn.

Robin has a fairly simple repertoire of the song, but the passion and clarity of his notes are second. Although each slave can sound the same for our ears, everyone is slightly different and as a bird his age repertoire increases.

A singer will be known to the loved ones around and as his voice calls every morning, they will leave him “our” garden.

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