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Which Internet Meme Matches Your Personality?

An Internet meme is an activity, concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads from person to person via the Internet. These have become a huge viral hit. Memes actually can not be explained, unless you get them yourself. Are you into Internet memes? Take this fun quiz and find out which meme matches your personality! Are you a Forever Alone, or a Troll maybe?

  • Question of

    You walk on the street. You see a man trip over a rock. What will you say in that moment?

    • Are you ok sir? I managed to catch your glasses so they don’t fall and break
    • Hm, is he making a scenario or something?Maybe he is acting to catch my attention
    • Keep your eyes on the street and the next time you won’t fall!!
    • What should I eat today? Oh a men fell. Hmm.. Pizza maybe?
    • Are you saying hello to the ground sir?
  • Question of

    The deadline for that crucial project for school expires tomorrow. And you realize that in 10 PM.What do you do?

    • You manage to finish it and get enough sleep
    • You have already finished that because you were at home the whole day
    • You think that this is a sabotage. Someone is lying to you so you won’t get a good grade.
    • Project? What project?
    • Stupid teacher. Stupid project. Idiot friends that didn’t remind me. I hate everyone.
    • You tell the teacher that she did not mention that the deadline was this year, not the next one.
  • Question of

    A friend calls you at 1 AM and needs help. What is the first thing you will say to him?

    • You woke me up in the middle of the night. Die now.
    • Are you trying to make me go outside and leave my home unprotected in the middle of the night?
    • Solve your problem yourself
    • Oooh a friend calls me
    • I’m on my way to help you.
    • I will send help right now *sends a message saying “Help” *
  • Question of

    Today is a beautiful sunny day. What will you do?

    • I was planning to go on a walk. And the weather came out nice
    • Stay at home and watch TV
    • It is a trap. It will start raining later.
    • Too hot. I hate the sun. There are people everywhere. I hate everybody
    • I don’t really care if it is raining or it is sunny.
    • Tell people to bring umbrellas
  • Question of

    You realized that you are missing 20 dollars from your pocket. What will you do?

    • It seems that some kind of a criminal group has operated.
    • You find them on the ground, next to you.
    • I’m sure that it wasn’t someone that stole it.
    • Stupid thieves. Pay your funeral with that money.
    • It is ok. I’m too lazy to start looking for them.
    • Is someone joking with me?
  • Question of

    You see a cute couple passing by. What is the first thing that comes to your mind?

    • I did’t notice anyone
    • Love???
    • Oh look, that’s John. Just in time. Now I don’t have to go to his place to give him something that i borrowed.
    • They must be acting. This girl might be cheating him
    • Too boring. Die please
    • You run to hug the boy and you scream out loud: “Daddy, I missed you !”
  • Question of

    You enjoy a coffee with a friend. Your coffee mug falls on the floor. What do you do?

    • I hate coffee. I hate everything
    • You leave it like that
    • You think that someone pushed it down. Thieves, aliens, or Jehovah witnesses.
    • You manage to catch the mug before it falls down and shatters.
    • You don’t go out with friends.
    • You tell your friend that a ninja pushed that down.
  • Question of

    What are you doing right now?

    • Nothing
    • Sitting at home
    • Hating everyone
    • Are you spying me with this question?
    • Doing my best
    • Answering these questions


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Written by Kristina

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