Have You Watched an Anime “Master of Mosquiton”? ANIME QUIZ (Part 3)

To all anime fanatics out there, ’twas just 13 days ago since I have published my second anime quiz about Ranma  ½, and now I’m back to challenge you again guys about how well do you know this anime called “Master of Mosquiton”, which was used to be aired on one of my country’s TV networks (i.e. GMA Network) back those days when I was younger.

So are you ready guys to take this challenge again? If you are then here’s your chance to know the characters and everything about this anime.

Take this quiz now and make sure to get 9/15 for a passing score.

Good luck and enjoy!

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  • Question of

    Master of Mosquiton is an anime with one of its main characters as what?

    • shapeshifting mosquito
    • bloodthirsty vampire
    • raging werewolf
    • mystical wizard
  • Question of

    What is the name of the girl whom Mosquiton fell in love with but he was only used by her for money?

    • Inaho
    • Fuyumi
    • Megumi
    • Tokiko
  • Question of

    What is the full name of Mosquiton?

    • Gregory Rasputin
    • Vash Stampede
    • Alucard von Mosquiton
    • Frankie Negger
  • Question of

    She is one of Mosquiton’s servants who controls ice. What is her name?

    • Camille
    • Yuki
    • Inaho
    • Wolf Lady
  • Question of

    What is the name of the first person that Mosquiton turned into a vampire, and ancestor to Inaho who wishes to reunite with Mosquiton?

    • Kumachi
    • Miwako
    • Aikiko
    • Camille
  • Question of

    What element does one of Mosquiton’s servants named Honoo controls?

    • wind
    • water
    • fire
    • sand
  • Question of

    She wears cursed rings forced on her by a wizard she refused to marry. Who is she?

    • Wolf Lady
    • Fox Lady
    • Bat Lady
    • Single Lady
  • Question of

    He is Mosquiton’s enemy. He is malevolent, intelligent, cunning, and ruthless. He holds an extreme dislike for Mosquiton. Who is he?

    • Earl St. German
    • Gregori Rasputin
    • Frankie Negger
    • Count Adolfus
  • Question of

    What sort of a monster is Franky Negger?

    • werewolf
    • android
    • cyborg
    • Frankenstein
  • Question of

    Whose relative is Kumachi Akita who’s bent on inheriting the family name?

    • Mosquiton
    • Yuki
    • Inaho
    • Honoo
  • Question of

    Which of the following is the name of the pet whom Inaho picked up at Easter Island?

    • Ai
    • Kawaii
    • Kirei
    • Happy
  • Question of

    In OVA (Original Video Animation) series of this anime, what is the name of the count who influences the army to investigate the pyramid regardless of the cost in man power to the pyramids defenses (traps and animated mummies) in London?

    • St. Thatcher
    • St. Dominic
    • St. Germain
    • St. George
  • Question of

    In OVA (Original Video Animation) series of this anime, who knows much about the pyramid and its creators, beings called the Starlords, and he urges the Count to find the Oopart at all costs?

    • Peter Rasputin
    • Gregori Rasputin
    • Yuri Rasputin
    • Piotr Raskovich
  • Question of

    Satoru Akahori and who is the other one credited for writing the manga of Master of Mosquiton anime?

    • Hayao Miyazaki
    • Mitsuru Adachi
    • Tetsuo Hara
    • Hiroshi Negishi
  • Question of

    Master of Mosquiton was initially released on October 1, 1997 to April 1, 1998 at TV Tokyo network. How manny total episodes were aired?

    • 43
    • 26
    • 37
    • 50


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