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Urdu Special – Three

Hi friends, good morning of again cloudy Sunday here.  I again here with a fresh quiz for you. I hope you enjoy  with change the format and complete sentence . I trying for easy understanding about Urdu for my virily friends who really interested to learn the Urdu language. I hope after reading these sentences you will easily understand the matter.

I will trying and facilitate the friends to providing better step when you goes to the Urdu speaking countries. After learning and understanding Urdu you will feel more comfort . I hope you will continue your participation and enjoy. I hope you enjoy and continue participate.

  • Question of

    Today again cloudy weather

    • Aj pher mosam abr alood hy
    • Aj pher dhoop niklny wali hy
    • Aj pher mosam saaf hy
  • Question of

    What you cooked today

    • Aj Kia pakaya hy
    • Aj Kia ho rha hy
    • Aj Kon aya hy
  • Question of

    Today I cooked visitable

    • Aj main nain gosht pakaya hy
    • Aj main nain sabzi pakai hy
    • Aj main nain aaloo pakay hain
  • Question of

    Today hot water not available

    • Aj garm Pani nai hy
    • Aj thanda Pani nai hy
    • Aj saaf Pani nai hy
  • Question of

    I saw a nice movie today

    • Aj ham nain achi film dqkhi
    • Aj ham nain ghalt film dakhi
    • Aj ham nain film nai dakhi
  • Question of

    I am in the market now

    • Main is wakt Bazar main hun
    • Main is wkt Dukan main hun
    • Main aj edhr he hun
  • Question of

    Nobody is in home today

    • Aj ghar main koi nai hy
    • Aj sher main koi nai hy
    • Aj chat per koi nai hy
  • Question of

    Today is heavy rain here

    • Aj yahan bht barish hy
    • Aj yahan bht garmi hy


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